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Naming, logo & mascot design, graphic chart, brand guidelines, trademark registration, market research (primary and secondary).

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Concept, Design, Packaging, Print and ePublications, Social Media Development, community management, NFT.

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Digital transformation, website design and development, eshop, cloud based ecommerce websites, SEO & SEM, hosting, emails.

3d animation, 2d animation


Photoshoots, Videoshoots, Video-editing, 2D & 3D animations, logo animation, stop motion, & cartoon animation, voice over.

mobile app design


Mobile App design, UX/UI, backend & frontend development, Android & iOS, cloud based mobile app development.

advertising & marketing


Social Listening, NAP, Google my business, online advertising, print advertisements, online reputation optimization, marketing strategies.

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CreAZ is a branding agency based in Paris, France. We take the best of Artificial Intelligence and the best of conventional branding to optimize the results, every time.


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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Because we are great believers in the ripple effect of giving back to communities and the planet, every year, we support 3 amazing initiatives.

Check out the great work they are doing:

Gift of Life NGO

Gift of Life

Gift  of Life International (GOLI) funds  healthcare projects in developing countries, with a specific focus on  the development of sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery and prevention  programs for children with heart disease, particularly for those from low income families. Over the past 4 decades, it has helped more than 37,000 children from 80 different countries.

Every year, 1 in 100 babies is born with congenital heart disease, the most common birth defect in the world and the #1 cause of death for children under the age of one. In Lebanon alone, more than1000 babies are diagnosed with heart disease every year. In September 2015 a  chapter of ”GOLI" was founded  in Lebanon . The Lebanon chapter has had the privilege to partner with the Children Heart Center at The American University Medical Center (AUBMC), the largest Pediatric Cardiac Center in the Middle East.

Their vision is to become the region's leading supporter of free pediatric cardiac services.” Their mission is to provide cardiac care to as many needy children with heart disease as we can help regardless of gender or national origin.

Girls Got IT NGO

Girls Got IT

“Girls Got IT” (GGIT) is led by the LLWB.
Girls Got IT aims to break the cultural stereotypes that surround women in STEAM subjects by exposing young females to essential technology skills. Allowing them to meet inspiring role models and learn more about the various success stories from their country and the world. In addition, the initiative seeks to support the technology start-up ecosystem in Lebanon where the initiative is implemented. GGIT contributes to the startup ecosystem, by partnering with entrepreneurs, SME and tech specialists from the community to provide GGIT workshops. As well as we target to identify our inspirational speakers so they can share their experiences and motivation with our participants.
Girls Got IT was designed to empower the youth and turn them into engaged citizens, able to be positive contributors to their society and to help enhance the job creation and integration of women in the different fields of STEAM.

Child of Lebanon NGO

Child of Lebanon

“Child of Lebanon” is a Lebanese NGO with the vision to provide a safe world where children are protected and safe.

Its mission is to offer a multidisciplinary platform of professionals working with children in all fields, to promote legal frames in concordance with the International Convention for the Rights of Child and its global comments and optional protocols, to collaborate with the global partnership to end violence on children as stakeholder, as well as other international organizations with same interest, to train professionals on child protection, in collaboration with universities and professional organizations, to enhance child and youth participation in situation analysis,  program assessment and  problem solving, to support research, data collection, knowledge and studies on: child maltreatment, abuse and neglect; violence on children: gender discrimination; prevention and protection, to improve the institutional response and policies on child protection, to lobby and adapt societal norms and values to child safety and protection, and advocate for child protection and safety.