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STARTER: we build, launch & manage your website at the price of one coffee/day.


Rent your website at the price of one coffee per day. Just send us your text (and photos), and we handle the rest, hosting, email, URL, launching and support included. You won't have to learn anything, or deal with several teams, our experts are available at your fingertip, and will make sure your website is designed, published and online in no time.


1. Send ur your text (about, services and contact information).

2. If you have images or a logo you wish to add, send them too.


You get:

- Homepage

- About us

- Services

- Contact us


Our websites are upgradable anytime. So if in the future you need to add a page, build an e-commerce section, or "fly me to the moon", just ask, and we deliver the task, headache-free :)


Contact us for catered services and solutions.


As a summary, you get:

- one year free custom domain name

- free setup / connection

- free support and corrections

- free website consultancy

- free SEO

- free e-mail

- free cpanel



- customizable and upgradable anytime

- payed SEM


You get the idea. Start small, but start great, because your first impression matters. Upgrade as you go, and as you grow.


We are Creaz about you. And we believe in building bridges to connect amazing minds from all around the world. That is our value proposition. What is your story? Tell us, and let is build your success. Together.


STARTER: your professional website at the price of one coffee per day

Price Options
2 euros per day
€730.00every year until canceled
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