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Have a team by your side all the time, for a small monthly retainer fee! We handle your website, eshop, and social media development.


Don't let big players kill your business. The future may have been accelerated by the pandemic, but we obviously see that it belongs online. Don't let a lockdown control your business, go online today, and remain open all year long,  24/7, with no opening and closing hours. The future belongs to you, ride the wave and let your business shine regardless of external factors!


Rent your fully operational cloud-based ecommerce websiet at the price of one breakfast per day. Just send us your text and photos, and we handle all the rest, hosting, email, URL, launching and support included. You won't have to learn anything, or deal with several teams, our experts are available at your fingertip, and will make sure your eshop is designed, published and online in no time.


Get your store online, with unlimited products.


Build your online reputation with your social media network. Our  designer, content writer and community manager will handle your online social media development, make sure you send the right messages to your audience, raise awareness about your brand unique added values, news, products, events, and other important information.


ENTERPRISE: online shop & social media management

1 140,00 €Prix
1140 € per month
1 140,00 €chaque mois jusqu'à annulation
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